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School Mission Statement

mission statement

Our School Ethos

  • Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School is a voluntary aided, one form entry school with 210 pupils aged between 4 and 11. It is very much part of the Parish community of Our Lady and we are lucky enough to have our own Parish church in close proximity. 

  • At Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School the Governors and staff are strongly committed to building and strengthening the Catholic ethos of the school in all that we do.

  • We strive to build upon the foundations of our Catholic faith, started from the home, and seek to provide an environment where beliefs and values of the Catholic faith are taught, explained, developed and nurtured. We do this through our RE curriculum and a whole-school focus across the curriculum on the Catholic Social Teaching themes which link to our Mission Statement, Purple Powers and 'Be like Francis' values. 

  • We build a school where each child believes in their own potential, in an environment where they can love, share, believe and achieve, echoed through our Mission Statement, Purple Powers and 'Be like Francis' cst

Our School Vision

As a school community, we want children to leave Our Ladys with the attributes and skills to ensure they can be successful in their future learning and lives.

To instil these values, we encourage children to 'Be like Francis' in all they do.

Francis is our school mascot (who's story you can read here: and each of the statements linked to his name underpins and supports an area of our Mission Statement, Purple Powers or Catholic school ethos.

learners like francis 2


Within these statements, our vision is that we:

    • Want children to develop their personal faith and relationship with God and consider how their lives as Christians can impact the wider world and how they can become active followers of God's word.
    • Aim to provide pupils with a challenging and varied academic curriculum that allows them to reach their personal goals, be next step ready and establish connections between life and learning. They will learn to be independent and resilient through these challenges.
    • Will provide innovative and engaging teaching through enjoyable, child-centered learning experiences which encourage children to contribute confidently.
  • Will provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities that support social interaction, physical development, and creative expression.
  • Aim to nurture and build a strong sense of community, provide a fully-inclusive education environment and foster partnerships which encourage participation, inclusion, diversity, a sense of belonging and a desire to learn through our Gospel teachings. We want children to support one another and feel proud of the community we are part of.
  • Will work in partnership with parents and families to bring out the highest possible standard in each one of our pupils. Strengthening relations between home, school, parish and the wider community to support one another in the continuing development of our young people.
  • Are very proud of our pupils and all their achievements. We help them to grow in their faith through daily prayer, regular attendance at school Masses, reflection and learning about the teachings of Jesus Christ being at the centre of all that we do.
  • Teach lessons in such a way which allows children to revisit, build upon and recall their key learning to ensure they become independent and ready for their next steps.llsk 1

For more information on the way we teach, please see our Curriculum Schema document (attachment).For more information about our Mission Statement, School Ethos and Values please see our school Curriculum Intent document. 

OLQP Curriculum Schema Overview